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Wayne’s success during his 20+ year career has allowed him access to the entertainment industry, through his many clients in that field. Regularly a resource and advisor to them, he is now focusing on this area for future professional endeavors. Wayne’s successes are extensive, and he will act with fiduciary responsibility in all of his new client relationships. His ability to screen film and entertainment-related equity investments, manage assets and direct suitable investments for clients, and create wealth through portfolio diversification, as well as provide access to other necessary professionals, will continue to be made available to those seeking Wayne’s services. His ability to quickly assess situations and get up-to-speed in various arenas makes him unique in getting to the true bottom-line of any prospective business transaction.

Wayne Repich has a long history as an expert in real estate and finance, and is licensed in California as a Real Estate Broker and General Contractor, in Nevada as a Real Estate Broker-Salesperson and a graduate from the University of Santa Clara. For decades he has utilized his professional skills in many areas of real estate, including sales, development and finance. He's founded several mortgage banking companies. He was a Partner in Vanguard Financial Ltd. since its inception in 1995. He was responsible for individual and subdivision loans, commercial purchase transactions, financing for selective builders and developers, and institutional and private money transactions. Wayne has overseen staff selection, development and training. He has arranged, and/or brokered through his offices over 3,000 mortgage loans.

Wayne Repich is a Past-President of the California Association of Mortgage Professionals, has been honored by being named California’s “Mortgage Professional of the Year”, and is a CAMP Presidential Award recipient. He has also received numerous other accolades throughout his 20+ year career.

In the earlier years of Wayne's real estate career, he managed a full-scale marketing and sales firm for select California developers, which included providing comparative analysis, market research, formal critique of building plans and designs, promotional and advertising support, media selection and management, marketing professional sales staff selection; responsible for all sales training and implementation of innovative marketing strategy and sales plans.

In the ‘down market’ of the early 1990’s, he was frequently sought out for his consulting expertise, ability to provide workout solutions, and land brokerage services for major builders.

Wayne Repich’s Specialties:
Wayne Repich’s expertise in finance and private equity investments has allowed him to be contracted on a fee basis as a consultant on film and entertainment projects, specializing in the area of investor relations.  He has spoken at film schools as a featured speaker and on panel events, and provides all-day workshops for filmmakers throughout the US.

Within the real estate field, he has previously worked extensively on marketing and sales programs, land use planning, and product design development in the real estate sector. He has furnished formal and informal market and consumer research to builders throughout California. He is a sought after speaker, the author of many trade publication articles, and has been interviewed and featured locally and nationally in a variety of media (newspapers, publication, and radio).


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