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A flesh-and-blood version of Sun Tzu's "Art of War" applied to film financing, Wayne has helped our company craft a winning strategy for our slate of feature film projects in one of the most challenging economic environments. With realism as its guiding principle, Wayne's no-nonsense, result-oriented approach has enabled us to reconcile art and business by making our project investor-friendly without sacrificing the filmmakers' vision. A wealth of knowledge combined with total honesty, Wayne has been a huge time-saver and a catalyst for success.

Julien Favre


DViant Films


I had the good fortune of meeting Wayne Repich when my company, MakeMagic Productions, submitted a project to him for consideration.  Wayne’s expertise and experience proved invaluable in areas that we really needed help to move our film forward -- business structuring, prospecting and vetting of investors, securing contractual relationships with financiers and distributors, negotiating, closing and follow-up, marketing and more. In addition, Wayne is a person of great integrity and a lot of fun to work with.  I highly recommend his services to any filmmaker who is serious about reaching his/her goals.

Denise David Williams
MakeMagic Productions


Wayne Repich has been involved with our company Good Film, LLC, since July of 2009. When Wayne agreed to work with us we knew that we must be doing something really right. After taking one of his seminars I was so impressed with his attention to detail and knowledge of his business that I knew Wayne would be such an asset to work with.  He gets to know your work and what your company’s goals are; he is focused and stays focused on what you ask him to do; he guides you and asks the right questions. He is considerate of your time; he is courteous to anyone he comes in contact with, and makes sure the conversation stays on point. (Oh and by the way, he is also an impeccably dressed individual.)

Being a producing partner in Good Film, LLC, I have been and will be wearing many hats. Securing financing has been the most difficult. Having Wayne’s expertise as a consultant, negotiator and closer on behalf of our company is so valuable for us. We feel that it is critical to have him set up meetings, and attend meetings and conference calls with potential investors and us. It helps us cut to the chase in these situations and really identify viable options. He has worked out strategies for marketing our film projects and we cannot wait to implement them.

Good Film is very happy that Wayne believes in our projects and believes in us, and we expect to have an ongoing and profitable relationship with him for many years to come.

Maureen Thompson

producer, partner Good Film, the company


As co-owner and partner with Good Film, the challenge has been creating a cohesive creative and financial plan for launching a new company with a diverse slate. Wayne, has a sharp business mind, as well as a highly tuned intuition which is a huge asset (especially in pitch meetings); he can sense which way the wind is blowing and doesn't miss a opportunity. Wayne has a formula prepared when it makes sense, he's done his homework, and has the numbers crunched and ready -- but he is NOT, unlike so many other financial and strategic advisors, a stick in the mud.

Having someone on the ground we can count on to deliver at a high caliber level of professionalism, in social settings, is invaluable. This is first and foremost a "relationship" business and Wayne navigates the wide range of personalities we encounter, with fearless clarity. When Good Film met Wayne, we became assured that we'd found a strategic partner for the life of our business.

Deborah Goodwin

writer-director, partner Good Film, the company


I recognized the fact that Wayne Repich was the missing-link in our chain only minutes into watching him give a dissertation on film funding to a large audience at a Burbank studio.  I was immediately impressed with the way he handled himself in his presentation.  This was one cool cat!

After only a short while it became obvious that if I could persuade a guy like Wayne to represent my new 3D production company, then I would have a very powerful presence and a strong voice in my corner while negotiating our services to movie studios and corporate entities. To the point, I wanted this guy on my team, he’s a winner.

Having assembled some of the most talented and creative 3D production personnel in Hollywood together under one roof to form our new 3D production company, the final missing ingredient needed was a representative that matched our level of experience and professionalism to take things to the next level…. and we found that in Wayne.

I informed Wayne at our first meeting that I had assembled a locker-room full of pro ball players in jock-straps, just waiting for a sponsor to provide uniforms so they can take the field and win the game.  Since the time that Wayne has agreed to coach, the sponsors are lining up and we’ll trust him to pick what uniforms will be best for the team … hopefully in a timely manner as these guys look hideous in jock-straps … yikes!

Michael Page

President, 3Dstereolab


Well, where do I start?  Wayne is amazing. After being successfully self-employed in the food & beverage industry for 36 years, the last 20 of which funding our venues with venture capital, I knew after Wayne’s “first day on the job” that I would NEVER do another one without him. After reading our latest  business plan he dramatically improved our plan in a “much needed” investor-friendly way. I had no idea that people like Wayne existed. Wayne is unusually talented in identifying projects with strong artistic aesthetics, reorganizing business plans to uniquely display the strengths for investors, all while enhancing the artistic effort of the project.

He can work in unlimited capacities in film and entertainment-related ventures, including investor relations, all areas of business negotiations and finance, and deal structures.  I intend to have Wayne Repich as an integral partner in all my future ventures in charge of finance, and as a service-standards contributor during and after launch.  Having Wayne review and improve our business plan and structure was one of best decisions implemented on our entire project.

John R. Kenyon
Vagabond Inc.
Vagabond Seven, Ltd.


A Note About The Third Coen Brother

The week between Christmas and New Year turned into Coen Brothers week at our house. While making our way through a stack of recently purchased DVDs, we checked out Roger Ebert’s website. Turns out Ebert is as much a fan of the Brothers Coen as we are.

 At the same time we were screening “The Man Who Wasn’t There,” we were trying to buy a house in England and launch a couple of creative business ventures. Thus, we couldn’t help nodding in agreement when we read Ebert’s take on the 1991 Coen film “Barton Fink.”



If there is a favorite image in the movies by the Coen brothers, it's of crass, venal men behind desks, who possess power the heroes envy. Maybe that's because, like all filmmakers, the Coens have spent a lot of time on the carpet, pitching projects to executives."


 We’ve known Wayne a long time. Decades. He is the smartest, most versatile, talented, unflappable professional we have ever met. More importantly, he is the first person we call to run an idea by; to help us work out a solution to an excruciating challenge; to gain clarity where there is none; to save us from making a royal mess of things. And you know what? He always takes us through the critical thinking that is his one-in-a-billion trademark. He always knows precisely what is required to accomplish the mission --- our mission --- with panache.

 Working with Wayne is more satisfying than a Coen Brothers film. He is so bloody good at what he does (did we say e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g?) that it’s hard to imagine how anything of merit gets accomplished without him.

Marsha Coupé and Dr. Richard Atkins

London, England


Workshops & Speaking:

“I really enjoyed hearing your insights, and I found your presentation and approach to be very inspiring.  I was reviewing my notes from the event, and I found the information you provided to be particularly helpful.  I know your advice will be invaluable as I move forward with my projects.”

“I found your portion of the panel extremely informative and inspiring.”

“It was very informative.  It is very generous for people like you to take time out of your day to inspire the producers in attendance.”

“I especially enjoyed hearing your practical advice … and meeting you afterwards.  You presented your invaluable suggestions in an accessible and inspirational way.  It is information that can provide impetus to a film career (such as researching and networking daily) while also making filmmakers aware of certain considerations that would otherwise take years of experience to learn (the importance of qualifying investors).  I know I will keep your suggestions at the forefront of my mind as I move forward with my projects.”

“I really thought you were the most inspirational speaker at the event.”

“As a budding producer, I very much appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to share some of that knowledge with me. The entire evening was fascinating and enlightening but I found your points on keeping investors particularly helpful and timely.”

“I really appreciate all of your insights and joined your twitter!”

“Your comments were inspiring, especially your five points regarding the personal challenges of building a career in entertainment or any industry.”

“I really enjoyed your presentation last night - I thought that it was probably the most informative and useful of all the speakers' topics.”

“Your insight added value to my experience as a grad student and business owner looking to obtain financing for present and future films and television projects.”

“I wanted to follow-up on our brief conversation from last night.  ... to say THANK YOU for offering up your wise expertise of the industry.  Last night gave me much inspiration and hope for my project”

“Thank you all very much for a lively and very informative conversation.  Your wisdom and generosity was invaluable.”


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