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Services Offered

Producers, Writers, Directors & Entertainment Professionals:


  • Need helping in finding investors and knowing what they look for in an investment
  • Need to know how to prospect and research investors and People of Influence (POI)
  • Are not sure about what to look for as a red flag in an investor’s background
  • Don’t know how to qualify your investors
  • Encounter call reluctance
  • Have trouble gaining credibility during your pitch
  • Think a ‘no’ is a ‘no’
  • Need help cultivating and maintaining investor relationships
  • Question or don’t understand the value of ‘Fiduciary Behavior’
  • Think you can get by without proper legal and financial representation
  • Are always searching for funds for your ‘next’ project
  • Believe self-financing your film is a good thing
  • Think a longer business plan is better
  • Have never had a professional give you feedback on your screenplay or other elements  
  • Need tips on negotiating and closing private investors…




  • Work with you one on one to address all your Investor Relations questions
  • Assist you in making sure all your presentation materials are top-notch
  • Spend several hours reviewing and assessing every element of your project 
  • Give tangible direction on screenplay, budget, business plan and distribution strategy
  • Provide you with action items to implement to help you pursue equity financing
  • Allow you to be more effective in your efforts to achieve a successful outcome

Our #1 goal is to provide you, the filmmaker, with the best information and guidance available to get your project funded and to ensure that your investors make a solid return on their investment.  A happy investor is an investor for life.

We offer the following One-on-One Consulting options:


6 month retainer minimum commitment, providing 20-25 hours monthly of my services on a consulting (contract) basis. Availability is virtually 24/7, and there are a limited number of clients that can be accommodated under this package.  Please call to discuss availability and pricing.


Five, in-depth, one hour phone sessions (or in person).  Includes active participation, direction and coaching in every area of your project.  Hands-on help with budget, business plan, screenplay, power point presentation, investor relations, negotiating terms, market strategizing, etc.  E-mail “open door” policy for follow-up questions.


Three, in-depth, one hour phone sessions (or in person).  Includes review and feedback on all project materials including business plan, Power Point presentation, budget, screenplay and investor relations.  E-mail “open door” policy for follow-up questions.


90 minutes, in-depth phone session (or in person).  A “big picture” consultation on what it takes to go from script to screen.  Information includes guidance on what investors’ expectations are and how to go about “packaging”.  E-mail “open-door” policy for follow-up questions.


We qualify potential investors, attend meetings or conduct phone calls with investors with you or on your behalf, as well as negotiate deals and terms.  We can assist you with every aspect of your pitch presentation including Power Point, business plan, screenplay market analysis and distribution strategy.  Rates for these services are determined on an individual basis.  All payments need to be made prior to work beginning.  We accept Pay Pal, check or money order in US dollars.


We offer a COMPLIMENTARY 10 minute phone consultation to help you decide what package is right for you.  We then send you a Service Agreement outlining our working agreement.


The question – and expectation – of many producers is that we should work and receive compensation solely from investors’ funds procured by us – as in ‘being paid on the back-end’, or ‘on speculation’.  While we do receive compensation for procuring, structuring, facilitating, negotiating, etc., it is not in proportion to the services for which we do receive compensation, which is mainly long-term retainers.

First, our services are much more far-reaching and extensive than simply seeking funds.  If you are not clear on what we provide, please review the Services Offered section.  Some producers will undoubtedly know what they don’t know, while others won’t.  We find that those producers who do not clearly understand what they don’t know will not be a good fit for the services we provide.

Second, unless we have a long-term relationship with the project or business entity, an equity arrangement and/or an agreement which provides for our on-going involvement, it isn’t sensible for us to raise funds from investors in projects over which we have no influence in direction after the monies are invested.

Third, our services involve vetting investors for producers, and vetting producers for investors.  There are some investors that you simply should not allow to invest in your project.  While this may be difficult to understand for some, it is something that our clients learn and understand very well, and one of our roles is to insure the right people come on-board the project, regardless of their capacity.

Fourth -- and as mentioned extensively in our workshops -- we want our clients to foster long-term relationships with their investors, and that requires active and conscious decisions throughout the relationship.  If a long-term relationship is to develop successfully, it also requires having the right parties involved from the beginning.  We prefer that investors become allies, and be on the same side of the table as the producers.  That means that they have to feel that there is transparency among all the people involved, including us.  When an investor encounters a ‘broker’ selling a ‘deal’, their guard is up – and rightfully so -- as the broker’s compensation is based on how well he or she can ‘sell’ that investor on the project.  That’s not beneficial to anyone.

Fifth, the goal is not to make a movie, the goal is to make a movie that is profitable (among other attributes), and provides an attractive return to the investors.  To get to that point requires a long-term view, and one in which compensation of a consultant is not dependent on finding investors, but rather on the overall success and development of the producers, the business entity, team of people involved, etc.

While there are consultants who will work solely under a finders’ fee arrangement, we're not one of them.  (Personally, we question the success of those who perform in that role exclusively.  Look at the ‘success’ of all those on the internet who claim to provide funds for a fee.) 

We prefer to have long-term relationships with our clients that move towards accomplishing many goals, and would be happy to discuss whether our services may be right for you and your project.

Services Offered

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