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ith over twenty years of success in the areas of real estate, institutional and private equity investing, and managing client investments, Wayne Repich is now focused on the entertainment world.

Wayne’s success during his career has allowed him access into the entertainment industry through his many clients in that field that utilized him as a resource and advisor. Wayne’s successes are extensive in the areas of real estate, institutional and private equity investing, and managing client investments, and he acts with fiduciary responsibility in all of his client relationships. His ability to screen business and equity investments, manage assets and direct suitable investments for clients, and create wealth through portfolio diversification, as well as provide access to other necessary professionals continue to be an asset to Wayne’s clients. His ability to quickly assess situations and get up-to-speed in various arenas makes him unique in getting to the true bottom-line of any prospective business transaction.

Wayne’s expertise in finance and private equity investments has him contracted internationally as a consultant on film and entertainment projects in the US, Canada, China, Russia and the UK, specializing in the area of Investor Relations.  He has spoken at film schools and film festivals as a featured speaker and on panel events, and provides all-day workshops for indie-filmmakers throughout the US.  He is sought by indie-producers, film funds, and entertainment-related businesses seeking his expertise in the areas of finance, investor relations, business planning, and assessment and review of film proposals.

If you are an investor contemplating film and entertainment opportunities, or if you simply want to learn more, please review his resume and credentials and contact him to discuss your needs. As a professional who acts as a fiduciary, you will be well-served to rely on Wayne's years of experience of dealing with successful investments, and in assisting you in screening the many opportunities available.

If you are a producer or 'creative' and seeking investors for your indie film or entertainment project, Wayne can assist you with packaging your investment, investor relations, marketing of your investment, and many other services on a contract basis. His extensive business background and success in dealing with investors will likely be beneficial to your creative efforts.

Either way, Wayne's career and professional training has required him to act as a fiduciary in all of his transactions, and he looks to carry that forward in all of his endeavors.

For Wayne Repich’s ‘Words of Wisdom’ for Producers, follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/waynerepich, and get a concise, executable thought that can be acted upon immediately.

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